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Energy Marketing Association

The mission of the Penn State Energy Marketing Association is to establish an intellectual forum where likeminded individuals shall discuss, share, engage in, and debate content related to energy markets for the purpose of acquiring industry fluidity and augmenting personal marketability.


Crude Oil

We focus on analyzing trends in the oil market. Rig counts in the U.S. and the world have trended closely with crude oil price. Conflicts in any oil-producing and/or consuming region may significantly affect oil prices. Demand for heating oil in the winter may impact oil prices. Lastly, world production and consumption remain at the forefront of pricing in the oil and gas industry.


Follow economic indicators and learn about how they are connected to markets globally. The macroeconomic environment of the world changes day by day and has a significant impact on global trade. The state of the economy is essentially the biggest driver on the various energy-related commodities that PSEMA provides segments on in our monthly newsletter.

Natural Gas

We focus on honing in on the domestic natural gas market. Major factors that control the price of natural gas include: the winter season, pipeline infrastructure, and the rate at which operators are producing. With hydraulic fracturing techniques extracting natural gas from shale plays across the United States, there has been an influx in infrastructure projects, which will move a glut of natural gas to market.


Renewable Energy consists of solar, wind, and geothermal energy sources. Energy sources like Nuclear, hydro-electric, and biomass are technically considered alternative sources. Renewable Energy is dependent on three major factors: Political, science/technology, and Finance/economics. Further explore our site to see what we have to say about trends in the renewables market arena.

Energy Equity Research

Analyze various energy equities to learn, understand and ultimately give your own investment recommendation on the company. Equity research is an essential part of investment banking and investment decision making. Learn how analyze and decide the path that a company's stock will be undergoing.


Penn State Energy Marketing Association is always open to new ideas and segments to add to the monthly newsletter. Last year we added the Energy Equity Research segment and we are currently in the process of adding an Electricity / Power segment. If you have an idea for a new segment, like to teach others, and are opening to working with a team of undergraduate students like yourself, then don't hesitate to come to the next meeting.


"PSEMA successfully bridges the gap between technical and non-technical majors. It's the first of its kind."

Alex Minns
Co-Founder of PSEMA

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